Love Wins!

Love Wins!

As America prepares to sit down for Thanksgiving, the celebrations this year will be different. There will be empty seats around some supper tables, and video calls will take the place of hugs. These themes are likely to be repeated throughout the holidays across the world. 

This temporary disruption of the traditional season of togetherness offers an unusual chance to reflect on and celebrate the power of a loving welcome in every home. Love Welcomes exists to create hope. By supporting women in moving forward from their traumatic journeys, by offering a healing environment and by equipping them with the agency and skills to stitch their lives back together, we want refugees to have their place at the table. 

Love welcomes farmhouse food shopping bag

Will you give a refugee a loving welcome this year? Your purchase of a gift made by a woman in a refugee camp brings her one step closer to a home of her own. Make the most of this chance to support her as she gains confidence, skills and opportunities to rebuild her life and transform her future.


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