Woven Welcome Mat 2.0 - Orange

Support our team to learn a new skill! By pre-ordering a Woven Welcome Mat 2.0, one of our team members will be able to learn to weave while creating a beautiful mat especially for you. Weaving has been a key part of Love Welcomes since its origins in Greek refugee camps, where women learnt to weave using discarded blankets and lifejackets which were the raw materials available to them. Now we are bringing this product back, made in our London workshop.

Welcome your visitors with this stunning mat woven by refugee women, out of strips of life vest material and upcycled blanket fabric. One of the most unique mats on the market, you can display it as a wall hanging, floor mat or even use on a table.

  • Approximately 50 x 100 cm
  • Made using 100% upcycled fabrics , diverted from landfill 
  • Handmade in London by refugee women

Pre-order product - ships in January.

Care and composition

Care Instructions: Machine wash cushion cover on a gentle low temp. Do not tumble dry.

Composition: 95% virgin polyester and/or acrylic fibers or polyester/cotton from synthetic blankets. Some cotton may be included in the yarns, 3% cotton yarn, 2% up cycled life jacket material – nylon.