Unwrap Love: Meet the Makers Behind Our Ukrainian Blankets

Unwrap Love: Meet the Makers Behind Our Ukrainian Blankets

I want to take a moment to be honest with you. With the atrocities that have been unfolding for the last month, we’ve been unsure about the best time to share our Ukrainian blankets. Asking ourselves whether our customers would be interested whilst the world's focus is elsewhere or whether a higher price point item would be well received in a cost of living crisis. But here’s the thing, Love Welcomes’ very purpose is to support refugees, and the war on Ukraine has resulted in a huge swathe of refugees that need our support. Even when the news cycle is focused elsewhere. So we’re sharing the stories and blankets of the Ukrainians refugees who have been knitting through the grief and loss of war. 

Introducing Love Rises
Blankets of warmth, stories of strength

In the face of adversity, the women of Love Rises have found solace and purpose in their craft. Each stitch, woven with care and determination, tells a story of hope and resilience. Inspired by the golden wheat fields and endless blue skies of Ukraine, these blankets are not just products; they are symbols of solidarity and love.

Images of our Ukrainian knitted blankets
Quality That Embraces You
Crafted from light yet durable Mako yarn, these blankets offer a cozy sanctuary for your quiet moments, measuring 150cm square.
Supporting Lives, One Stitch at a Time
Your purchase provides a week's worth of dignified employment to a refugee artisan. Eight blankets sustain this lifeline for all the artisans for another week.


Meet the Makers
Blankets of warmth, stories of strength
The knitters of Love Rises


Liudmyla, once an entrepreneur, now finds purpose in knitting for soldiers and survival. Her hands, once accustomed to running her store, now weave warmth and hope into every stitch.

“My life is divided between before the war and after the war.”
“For more than 18 years I had my own shop and worked hard to support my children. I love my country. I was born and raised in Ukraine and therefore could not stay at home and watch all the horrors that were brought to my village by the Russian invaders.”

Maryna, a singer and communications expert, fights for dignity and freedom, hoping that her creations will be appreciated, supporting her fight for victory and reunion with her daughter.

“We are fighting for dignity and freedom,”


With each purchase, you become a beacon of hope, a champion of love, and a lifeline for these incredible women. In the face of adversity, your support transforms lives, one blanket at a time.

Thank you for your support. Together, we rise, we love, and we make a difference.

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