about us

Love Welcomes is a creative social enterprise that helps refugee women begin to stitch their lives back together. Launched in 2017 it was created in response to the refugee crisis in Greece. Today it works in multiple locations supporting refugees in camps and those who have been resettled. Our team of refugee women upcycle materials into beautiful, handmade home products that we sell all over the world. We think big and change one life at a time.


Every purchase creates jobs, which create resources, independence and confidence for refugee women. By investing in women, we are investing in families and the refugee community.

Love Welcomes does three things:

1) Provides training and skills to refugee women. This process improves self worth and support to the women and provides valuable skills for the future.

2) Employs refugee women in multiple locations to create beautiful Love Welcomes products. These women are given above Living Wage and a safe and supportive work environment. 

3) Provides additional support to refugee communities currently living in camps; this includes access to health and legal support, mother and baby supplies, nutritious food and support for micro businesses. 

Social Enterprise

Love Welcomes has been externally assessed and internationally recognised as a social enterprise, committed to creating positive social change.

Living Wage

Love Welcomes believes in paying the real Living Wage to its employees and has been recognised externally for doing so. We are committed to ensuring employees earn a wage that meets the costs of living, not just the government minimum.

      This is just the beginning.

      We can’t stop the refugee crisis that has forced millions of men, women and children to flee their homes out of fear for their lives. But we’re not helpless either. We can help some of the women who arrive to weave a better future for themselves and their families – futures full of hope and purpose.

      So each time you buy something from Love Welcomes, you’re supporting a refugee and her family as they begin to rebuild lives shattered by war, one stitch at a time.

      Hear their stories. Shop our collection. Change a life.