Levi’s®by Levi’s® partnered with Love Welcomes to recycle Levi’s® old denim by creating an exclusive denim patchwork blanket. 

The Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes patchwork blanket creates awareness to refugee inclusion with living wage creative work for the Love Welcomes team in London.

The creativity reimagines Levi’s® denim into a more than beautiful patchwork blanket, achieving goals for less textile waste for the environment. 15 pairs of denim were up-cycled into each blanket.

Through self-empowerment, the Love Welcomes team unlocked their creativity and collaboration to design these two unique styles of patchwork blankets.

The Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes patchwork blankets are exclusively available for purchase at Levi’s® Haus London 41 Great Marlborough Street W1F 7JQ.   If you would like more information on this project , please contact us at info@lovewelcomes.com.  

All sale profits will be donated to Love Welcomes.