Baby Blanket - Ukrainian Artisans


Creating dignified employment and healing community for Ukrainian refugee women one knitted good at a time through Love Rises

This new handmade baby blanket transcends oceans, generations, and nations to bring love to your loved one.

Crafted by skilled artisan women in Kyiv, Ukraine amidst the chaos of falling  bombs and hurried dashed to shelters.  These practical and beautiful are a. true testament to their resilience and craftsmanship.  It serves as a symbol of strength and perserverance in the face of adversity.

Cushiony soft, each blanket is woven of light but durable Mako yarn, making it breathable but durable. 

The 90 x 90 squares are the perfect size for your baby or young one.

25% wool, 25% cotton, 50% acrylic