New: Refugee Handmade Solidarity Cushions

New: Refugee Handmade Solidarity Cushions

We are delighted to launch our latest refugee-made home product  - our Solidarity Cushions - directly inspired by the women in our team. 

The women in our workshop met together and discussed the new products. During this session they chose four words LOVE, EQUAL, UNITY and WELCOME which they felt represented key moments in the refugee journey. 

We have created the solidarity words on each cushion using upcycled life jackets from Greece, to represent the variety of journeys to safety taken by refugees across the world.  


To construct the cushion, we use high quality upcycled linens and cottons saved from going to landfill.

The four chosen words focus on offering a welcoming environment for all refugees fleeing danger in their home countries, and by treating people equally and with love, no matter where they have come from. 

Our team are a joyful caring community of women from 9 countries, representing a hopeful alternative story of unity and inclusion. 

Esther in our team says “The best thing I enjoy most is the way we work together. A big team that works together and the way we love and care. Love Welcomes care about us, treats us equally, so when I’m coming to work I feel free and I’m happy to come to Love Welcomes.”

In launching the new Solidarity cushion we are asking our supporters around the world to proudly display the cushions their homes and tell a positive story about refugees. 

Every cushion is a tiny part of a much bigger story. A story of hope, how new skills can bring a steady income, so a better future awaits. A story of laughter, with friends working together.

Each cushion is a story of pride. The strength that comes from creating something beautiful and improving the lives of your community.




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