Start 2021 with a welcome

Start 2021 with a welcome

The welcome mat, our original message of hope, is a statement of a loving reception for guests, and for refugees who have fled for their lives. It symbolises the story of hope, empathy and commitment to share with friends, family and neighbours. 

At the start of a new year and as millions reenter lockdown in 2021, we are unable to welcome in person but we can welcome in our hearts and minds and also remember refugees, they are not alone. More than a new year's resolution, an embracing welcome is the resolution at the heart of Love Welcomes and it began with a welcome mat.

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What’s in a mat? 

In Greece, each mat is hand stitched and woven out of strips of life vest material and upcycled blanket fabric. The stunning mats are an opportunity to support women who have lost everything through war and deprivation, forced to flee their homes in the hope of a better life. 

The pride the women take in knowing that the mats they have created are in your home is immense. That a loving welcome which is so important to their story, also matters to you.

“The women see the products as a way to communicate with people that support their right to a better life. I take great personal pride in seeing materials of displacement and all that includes, turned into beautiful home products, and knowing the original user of the materials is ‘presenting’ them to people who would welcome them into their communities.” Eleni Eseri, Greek Workshop Manager

Shop our welcome mat collection 

A story of hope woven through fabric - the creative skills the women learn and the cathartic process of transforming upcycled life jackets and blankets into beautiful pieces for the home. Sold online to buyers around the world, this money then goes straight back to those women who weaved the mats themselves, helping them to support their families. And any additional proceeds support critical supplies and access to key services for everyone in the camp.

“We can’t stop the refugee crisis that has forced millions of men, women and children to flee their homes out of fear for their lives. But we’re not helpless either. We can help some of those who arrive in Greece to weave a better future for themselves and their families, one which is full of hope and purpose. “ Abi Hewit, CEO Love Welcomes

Full of hope and purpose, each mat bought and placed at the door of someone’s home is a symbol of solidarity – a support network which sees more and more women taught life-changing skills and paid a fair wage. 

Since 2017, we have shared a loving welcome around the world through welcome mats - they remain at the heart of our work for everything they represent.  We reaffirm our commitment to a loving welcome in 2021; it is our commitment to refugees and our commitment to you, our community. 

From their home to yours, Love Welcomes. 

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