Sisterhood Soap: Support the global sisterhood

Sisterhood Soap: Support the global sisterhood

The women of Syria and Iraq are more than refugees. They’re our sisters and at Love Welcomes we stand with them as they rebuild their lives.

We are delighted to be able to sell Sisterhood Soap products from Preemptive Love on our site, so now you can hold a piece of their future in your hands.

Pure soap. Made by refugees. Creating jobs in Iraq.

The new soaps in our store are Rose Neroli, Fig & Date, 100% Pure Olive Oil and Activated Charcoal.

Sisterhood Soap has been created by non-profit Preemptive Love who work across Syria, Iraq and the United States.

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Preemptive Love explains: "The women who make the soap lost everything to ISIS. They are mothers. Wives. Daughters. Refugees. They live in tents and shipping containers. But they are not victims. They are our sisters.

They have a gift for making beautiful, natural soap—free of the chemicals and dyes found in most commercial soap. Every bar helps them grow their business, feed their families, and put their children back in school. Not through a handout, but through the work of their own hands."

Hand-milled by refugees in Iraq, Sisterhood Soap uses natural, locally sourced ingredients. There are no dyes, scents, or artificial additives.

With each bar of Sisterhood Soap, you support a refugee’s livelihood, rebuild communities decimated by terror, and help our sisters in Iraq imagine a new future.

Every bar tells her story. On the outside of the soap it says:

“The woman who made this bar is strong. Her hands have nurtured life in one of the hardest places on earth. They carried children to safety when violence erupted all around. And these hands have lovingly shaped, cut, and pressed this soap for you”.

This soap is a testament to her strength.

Click here and shop our collection today.
All images provided by Preemptive Love 


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