Handcrafted In Palestine: Our New Range

Handcrafted In Palestine: Our New Range

We are delighted to announce a new range of products handcrafted in Palestine by Palestinian refugee women.

Called Handcrafted in Palestine, the range features olive wood carvings, ceramics and art based on traditional designs and Palestinian heritage from different towns and cities.


The women making the products have been forced out of their homes and Love Welcomes stands in solidarity with them, welcoming them into our community whilst supporting their creative artisanship and livelihoods. 

Rasha Salsaa is coordinating the range and says: "In creating the Handcrafted In Palestine range we wanted another way of presenting ourselves to the world as Palestinians. We want to introduce our culture, heritage, humanness, creativity, talents and beautiful minds to people everywhere”.

Every Palestinian town has its own heritage which can be seen through the handicrafts, drawings, patterns and embroidery related to that city. Hebron is very famous for ceramics. Bethlehem is well known for Olive Wood hand carved items.

Our Handcrafted In Palestine range will offer a liveable wage for female artisans, supporting the uncrushable spirit of creative freedom in every product. Proceeds will also go to rebuilding the hospital in Gaza.

Abi Hewitt, co-Founder and CEO of Love Welcomes said "Often we can feel helpless when we see horrific images on our TV screens, such as the recent loss of life and also the bombing of bookshops, art centres, schools and hospitals. But by purchasing a product from our Handcrafted In Palestine range we can support artisans, celebrate local culture and learn more about the lives and struggles of Palestinian women who have been forced to flee their homes."

At Love Welcomes we think big and change one life at a time, we share stories giving a platform to refugee women and their creativity as they get their lives back on track. A strong woman is behind every product we produce, strong women like Manal Darwish pictured above.

Manal is a ceramicist and has made the stunning vases, which have then been hand painted with patterns adapted from traditional patterns from Hebron.

Manal currently lives in the Aida refugee camp in northern Bethlehem, with her 4 year old daughter. Aida refugee camp has 43% unemployment according to the United Nations and suffers disrupted water and poor sanitation. 


The range -  created by Palestinian women -  also includes a variation on the Keffiyeh pattern originally used by Palestinian farmers which become an international symbol of solidarity and worn in scarves, and a Sea Blue pattern representing the coastline of Israel and Palestine, and in particular the Gaza strip. 

One of the most emotive items is the Palestinian Olive Heart, which includes the Morse code message S - O - S. 

The heart has been beautifully hand carved out of local olive wood and is designed perfectly to fit in the palm of your hand to remember the women who made it, to meditate for true peace, safety and justice for all refugee women. Every heart supports the Palestinian artisan refugee community with living wages.


S - O - S in Morse code is the international distress signal - and for Love Welcomes it symbolises the urgency and immediacy of the need to support refugee women in times of greatest need. Our team of refugee women share this and other messages in the products they make. 

Love Welcomes had been working behind the scenes to prepare this new range for sale in September in time for Christmas and Thanksgiving, however as the war intensified again, the need for this partnership has become urgent now. 

Love Welcomes was founded in 2017 in response to the distress of refugee women arriving in Greece. Our vision is to change the perception and treatment of refugees by focusing on people’s dignity, inclusion, and skills. More than an organization, we are a global community and we are so proud to welcome our new Palestinian team members.

None of this is possible without your support and solidarity. Please take a moment to view the stunning new range and hear the Palestinian stories. 


Photo Credit: Mira Hyak in Bethlehem and Cat Arwel

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