A story of hope

A story of hope

After the refugee camp was hit – and hit badly – by Covid-19 last spring, the new hardships of 2020 have affected everyone at Love Welcomes. As the year draws to a close, it seems we’re going to weather the crisis – which is in no small part thanks to the people who made a purchase from us or sent a donation to our Covid-19 response. 

Love Welcomes - new workshop

In spite of a tough lockdown - which still continues today - the whole camp has received fresh, nutritious food, healthcare, mother and baby supplies, women’s hygiene products, shoes and protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitiser. And now, looking ahead to 2021, we have plans to open a new workshop, train more refugee women and improve the quality of Love Welcomes products and how you receive them.

But these measures are part of a much bigger story.

A story about the joy of learning new things and being able to provide for your family.

A story about the joy of learning new skills and being able to provide for one’s family.

A story of hope, a steady income and a better future.

A story of laughter and working together with friends.

And a story of the pride that comes from creating something beautiful and improving the lives of your community.

Thanks to the support for Love Welcomes from around the world, we’ll continue to give a loving welcome to refugee women in 2021. So from all of us at Love Welcomes, we’re sending our warmest thanks and best wishes for the happiest of new years!

Thank you from Love Welcomes.

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