Know their names

Know their names

For all makers, producers and local small store owners, 2020 has been an exceptionally tough year. At Love Welcomes, we’ve been reflecting on how we can actively choose gifts that go further. We thought we might take the opportunity to share a simple idea that we try to live by: wherever possible, shop where you know their names.  

The further we are from knowing the names of the people who make the items we buy or prepare the food we eat, the further we move away from understanding the daily situation of others. 

This strikes at the heart of who we are at Love Welcomes. We are small, we are personal and we invest in individuals. 

Rasha is from Aleppo, one of the towns most brutalised by the Syrian civil war. She is 37 years old. “I was forced to flee due to the death and hunger”, she says.  “It was so frightening. I want the best for my kids, so I fled for a better future. I have simple dreams: a safe, warm house and education for my children.”

Her name is Rasha

Her name is Rasha and she crochets the Love Welcomes bags that are being given to loved ones as gifts for Christmas this year. 

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Her name is Laila

Her name is Laila and she loves working on the loom in our workshop. Laila has made some of the beautiful cushions that are going into homes around the world.

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Her name is Jihan

Her name is Jihan and she embroiders our hoops that are hanging in homes this holiday season, reminding us all that we are loved.

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At Love Welcomes our hope is to build a supportive global community for the refugee women we train to make our thoughtful and inspired products by hand. So know their names, and connect to these unique people through the beautiful items they make. 

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