Become a Love Welcomes Champion

Become a Love Welcomes Champion

We are proud to make beautiful things but there’s so much more to it than that.  Because everything we sell is hand made by women fleeing violence and poverty.  And our work is supported by amazing people like you.

Our aim is to create a dynamic network of amazing people around the world to help us promote the work we are doing.

Love Welcomes Champions will receive advance information on new products, behind the scenes updates on work in the camps and social media material for you to share with your friends and colleagues. 

So, what does it entail?

In becoming a Love Welcomes Champion we would simply ask you to do two things:

Share our stories– that can be a simple as word of mouth, telling friends, family and colleagues about Love Welcomes. Awareness really is key. If you use social media, by sharing our stories – we really do have inspiring stories to tell. Sharing is quite literally, caring.

Engage your local community and friends – we will be exploring whether our Love Welcomes Champions could hold an event, online or in person after Covid-19. Remember the old Tuppaware parties? Well, we’d love you to do something similar. Maybe in the form of a pre-Christmas drinks party or a book club evening or something more creative. We’d love to work with you to figure this out.

Share the women’s stories on social media (Pic by dole777/Unsplash)

Love lifts. Love Builds. Love Supports. Love Welcomes.

The Love Welcomes products are the perfect gift – so not only are you helping people in great need, but you are also helping friends with inspiration for amazing gifts.

You will be sharing a story of hope, how new skills can bring a steady income, so a better future awaits.

We will provide you with everything you need, including information on products and social media content. Whatever you need, we will be there for you.

Would you join us?

Pic: Tim Marshall/Unsplash

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