A powerful message in everything we do

A powerful message in everything we do

We are proud to make beautiful things, but there’s so much more to it than that. Every piece we create is a tiny part of a much bigger story and now our Love Welcomes identity also tells a story.

During the Covid-19 lockdown we have worked behind-the-scenes to update our identity to include a message in everything we do.

Abi Hewitt, co-founder of Love Welcomes says “For a long time we have wanted branding that truly reflects our work. So we have updated our identity using Morse code lettering, in the orange colour from life jackets found in our products. This means we now have a message woven through everything we do, just like our products.”

Morse code was first developed by American artist and inventor Samuel Morse during the 1830s as a universal method to transmit natural language using only electrical pulses - dots and dashes - and the silence between them.

The most well known Morse code signal is SOS, the internationally recognised warning and distress signal. The original use of SOS comes from shipping and the acronyms ‘Save Our Ship’ or ‘Save Our Souls’. But today SOS is known as its own alarm call. 

You will see that the SoS warning is now embedded in to our current logo as an international distress signal for women refugees fleeing violence and poverty.

In order to update our identity with worked with world class communications agency Saboteur. Nick Eagleton, The Playful Saboteur,  was a sculptor by training, and has since built up one of the most successful creative careers in the world of branding. 

When Nick looked closely at the woven patterns in our work he could see orange patterns and messages formed from the life vests found on beaches in Greece, and he could see the connection with Morse code.

This orange thread is woven through everything we do, and is a personal message from the women we work with reflecting their perilous journey across the sea. We now use this orange in the Morse code to further share these powerful stories. 

We look forward to adapting the use of our identity for other hidden messages in all we do. Keep an eye out!




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