The Edge X Love Welcomes: Q & A

The Edge X Love Welcomes: Q & A

Love Welcomes has partnered with legendary U2 guitarist The Edge to create and sell the unique collectors-item guitar strap to help provide employment and support to refugee women.

How do I purchase The Edge X Love Welcomes Guitar Strap?

The guitar strap is available to order here

How do I access the exclusive online community site connected to the Guitar Strap?

Once you have purchased a guitar strap you will be able to access the exclusive The Edge X Love Welcomes community site. This is where you can meet the women who have made the strap and add your photo and message next to The Edge.

What is an NFC tag?

An NFC tag is within each Guitar Strap - under the fabric and stitching that says the number of each strap -  allowing the customer to scan their phone over the tag and access unique URL code on an NFC sticker where the customer can access a private web page, introducing them to the women who are making the products and other musicians who have purchased the strap, including The Edge.  Together musicians can upload photos of themselves with their own strap on to the site.

Most phones work automatically but some older phones and iphones require an NFC Reader app. You can download one of these from your app store. 

This is simple to do and you can watch a tutorial we created here to help.


Once you have the link then you fill in the registration to join. 

We look forward to seeing your photos and sharing your messages for the Love Welcomes women and The Edge. 

Can I order more than one item?

Yes, there is no limit on purchases.

What is it made of?

  • An orange strip of upcycled life vest
  • Adjustable length, cotton/leather classic Fender guitar strap. 
  • Fender strap made from cotton with leather suede ends.  Black.
  • Handwoven design through a backing material that is sewn onto the Fender strap. 
  • Ensuring the strength and quality of the Fender strap remain intact. 
  • The backing material is made from durable, waterproof 100% Sunbrella® acrylic. 

Does the product include a signature from The Edge?

The first five-hundred straps sold received a personally signed postcard from The Edge. These have all now been sold.

Who designed the product?

The guitar strap has been designed by Arran Evans and Alex Threadgill and created by the Love Welcomes team.

Where did you locate the life vest?

Each guitar strap includes an orange strip of upcycled life vest worn by refugees on their perilous journey across the Mediterranean before arriving in Greece. The life vest is disused and dumped on the beach in Greece. Sadly, often the life vest is not even a working lifejacket in the first place. 

The life vest is then cleaned, upcycled and turned into strips. This has been done in Greece.

Will I receive a signed postcard with my order?

The first 500 products sold will receive a personal signed postcard. Please note that these 500 have now been sold.

Who is making the guitar straps?

Migrant and refugee women who are seeking out a better life. Love Welcomes runs a workshop which employs women.


How many women do you help?

Love Welcomes launched in 2017 in response to the refugee crisis in Greece. Today it works in multiple locations supporting refugees in camps and those who have been resettled. It has employed and upskilled more than 100 refugee women and provided humanitarian support for hundreds more, providing nutrition, access to health and legal services, winter clothes and mother and baby items. 

Love Welcomes does three things:

1) Provides skills training for women currently living in the refugee camps and those who have been permanently relocated.

2) Employs refugee women in different locations to create beautiful hand-made products. 

3) Provides humanitarian support for refugee communities relocated and still living in camps; including access to health and legal support, mother and baby supplies, nutritious food and support for micro businesses. 




Main Photo The Edge: Louis van Baar

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