Remember, You Are Loved.

Remember, You Are Loved.

Last week marked the tenth anniversary of the Syrian War; a devastating war that so far has cost the lives of over 116,000 civilians and more than 205,000 people missing and presumed dead according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. UNICEF reports that almost 12,000 children have been killed or wounded. 

This has led to the largest refugee crisis of our time with refugees fleeing for their lives and the lives of their children.

Over half of Syria’s pre-war population of 22 million have fled their homes due to violence, collapsed infrastructure, and the extreme-risk to children. According to the UNHCR 5.6 million Syrians registered as refugees abroad and over half of these are children.  

“Syria is the biggest humanitarian and refugee crisis of our time, a continuing cause of suffering for millions which should be garnering a groundswell of support around the world.”  Filippo Grandi, UNHCR High Commissioner 
At Love Welcomes, two thirds of the refugee women that have joined our team have survived the perilous journey from Syria. Ninety percent are Mothers and their stories are unimaginable, but their spirit and determination are inspirational.

Once they have arrived at the refugee camp in Greece, Love Welcomes offers a first step to support healing, through a safe community and work space for the women to start rebuilding their strength and confidence.

The community is a sisterhood, and for every woman who joins the team, we begin by sharing four words:  

Remember, You Are Loved

Little words, that begin a powerful change towards hope and the reality of a safe and brighter future. After all the suffering and trauma, to offer the safe space, community interaction, the chance to be creative, for their voices to be heard, to learn skills and to work; these are powerful and proven steps towards healing. 

That is why this message is behind every product we make as all Love Welcomes products are made by refugee women. So in support of this hopeful and empowered community of women who are refugees, why not share this inspiring message with someone special in your life whilst making an impact on those for whom so much has been lost, and yet, their resilience and hope is enduring.

Through the products they have made, we keep this message alive in our lives and in our homes. 


Photo Credit: A woman holds a young boy whose face bears signs of distress, on a rainy day near the border with Greece | © UNICEF/UNI196333/Georgiev

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