Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes Patchwork Blankets

Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes Patchwork Blankets

      The Love Welcomes team are beyond excited to partner with Levi’s® by Levi’s® London Haus team to recycle Levi’s® old denim by creating an exclusive denim patchwork blanket.  The Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes patchwork blanket creates awareness on refugee inclusion with living wage creative work for the Love Welcomes team in London.  In addition, the creativity reimagines Levi’s® denim into a more than beautiful patchwork blanket, achieving goals for less textile waste for the environment.   

     Levi’s® and the Love Welcomes team have come together to break the bias for women with refugee backgrounds showcasing their many talents from design to creative skills.   Through self-empowerment, the team unlocked their creativity and collaboration to design these two unique styles for Levi’s® by Levi’s®.  The sewing circle and process of patch-working provides a safe space to share their stories together.   The Love Welcomes team are proud of their creation and this wonderful partnership.  

The creative process began with the team designing a pattern to up-cycle most of the denim jean material, which the team cut triangles for the patches.  There are around 15 pairs of denim jeans reimagined into each blanket providing a sustainable solution.  


Our team creatively designed the blankets patch-working the various colors of denim blues to create the Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes patchwork blanket.

 With focus and precision, the team pinned and sewn the Levi’s® denim triangles to create this more than beautiful patchwork blanket.

 Finally, the team added the final touches from the backings from surplus home interior fabrics donated from Haines Collection to hand-sewing on the patches of  Levi’s® and Love Welcomes.  

 Refugee integration and inclusion contributes to our society to bring a community of belonging where it benefits all of society.   Love Welcomes is providing living wage employment and integration for refugee women to stitch their lives together.        

Recognizing that we only have one planet, the Levi’s® brand has taken a sustainable approach with the Levi’s® Haus, London in Soho is the first of its kind within the brand’s portfolio – the space serves as a new blueprint for an in-store consumer experience; a physical brand hub defined by creativity and a circular-economy concept, making Levi’s® last even longer.  

The Levi’s® by Levi’s® x Love Welcomes patchwork blanket is exclusively available for purchase at Levi’s® Haus London 41 Great Marlborough Street W1F 7JQ.   If you would like more information on this project , please contact us at  

All sale profits will be donated to Love Welcomes.  



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