Spicy Chai Tea - Love Welcomes
Spicy Chai Tea - Love Welcomes

Nemi Teas - Spicy Chai Tea


Nemi Teas are a specialist London-based tea company that provide employment to refugees to give them local work experience and job readiness skills to enter the UK workforce and help them integrate into broader society.

All their teabags are plastic-free, packaging is biodegradable and the teas are Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest-Alliance certified.  Love Welcomes is proud to partner with Nemi Teas to carry a product that is good for the planet and people.  

An exquisite balance of the finest-quality loose whole leaf Assam black tea and five exotically flavoursome spices.

  • Ingredients: Fairtrade & Organic-certified Peppermint Leaf tea.
  • Source:  Tea leaves from across the globe.  
  • How to drink:  a tea bag goes into a tea cup, add boiling water and brew for 3-5 minutes according to your preferred strength (or mood). Serve black or a dash of milk. A slice of victorian sponge goes nicely on the side.
  • Pack Size:  15 Teabags in a bright colorful tube made with card paper, window material is recycled plastic, and the tube that can be upcycled.  
  • Tea Bag Material:  1    00% plastic-free, compostable teabags made from cornstarch.
  • Packaging Material:      biodegradable plastic called NatureFlex™ made from wood pulp.
  • Expiration Date:  2 Years

Made by refugees.