Keffiyeh Ceramic Plate

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Handcrafted bv Palestinian women artisans living in a refugee camp just outside Bethlehem.

By supporting these incredible women and buying their products, we’re taking action together to build a brighter future where humanity shines.

The Keffiyeh Ceramic Plate is a perfect addition to your table setting.  Add this plate for your biscuits pairing it with the jug, tea mug, and small bowl for your afternoon tea.  Each plate is molded by an artisan and handpainted with love with traditional Keffiyeh pattern in a Palestine refugee camp.  The Keffiyeh pattern is a symbol of resilience, where our team in Palestine wanted to show us their resilience and the hidden message of support we all can provide.    Every purchase supports the Palestinian artisan refugee community with living wages.

  • Size:  19 cm diameter/ 7.4 inches
  • Hand Wash.
  • Shape and colors may vary due to handmade nature
  • Every purchase directly supports refugees