Refugee made products

When you find yourself at your lowest, wouldn't you agree that having something productive to focus your thoughts on, go a long way to help you weather that storm?

Being productive could come in any form, but for the sake of this heart to heart, let us talk about having a job.

Imagine being at your lowest, and you have no job? You can’t support yourself, and have nothing to take your mind off of the demons that cloud your mind.

The devastation is colossal.

With the situation of a refugee, you have people who can barely keep it together in terms of having their basic needs met. When you have no proper place to rest your head, you would have to admit that getting a job would be quite the herculean task.

It might not earn them much, but it terms of helping to take their minds off all they are going through at the moment, it also gives them hope of a better tomorrow, having something to do does help.

Supporting refugee made products in terms of making purchases you need in your life when refugee made options are available, is one way to help support refugees all over the world, and their journey to rehabilitation.

Our brand is built on a foundation of integrity that combines the desire to provide only the best quality products, ensuring great value for money, and doing our bit to support refugees through employment.

All our products are made by refugees, and we are so proud of the team.