Refugee camps Greece

With more and more refugees and migrants coming into Greece, there has been an announcement for the opening of two new camps in certain parts of Greece.

The creation of these two new camps, is to help decongest the other refugee camps at Chios, Samos, Lesvos.

These camps are said to be transit camps, and hence not for permanent purposes.

The main purpose of these camps is to help hasten the transfer of both migrants, and refugees from some of the more congested camps on the islands to the mainland.

There have been rumors of a lot of strain on the government in terms of resources, but whether that is true or not, they aren't relenting in offering as much assistance as possible with each new set of refugees coming in to the country, especially from Turkey.

Despite a lot of reassurance from the government to its people concerning the temporary nature of the transit camps, a lot of people aren't still convinced and worry that at some point, these camps may become permanent.

These citizens are worried that these transit refugee camps may get in the way of their tourism endeavors. They claim that with these camps set up, the area would be surely unsightly to receive tourists.

The camp is set to kick off with its transit endeavors at the end of the month and, is said to be equipped enough to cater to up to 1000 migrants and refugees in total.

Up to 1500 migrants and refugees were processed, and transferred on two naval vessels out of the lesbos area, and taken to facilities set up in the northern parts of Greece early this month.

This move has been said to be quite the defining endeavor by the Greek government. but it has also been said that the current rate at which new migrants, and refugees were coming into the country hasn't let the full impact of that number be felt.

Its been barely two weeks into September, and over 2000 migrants and refugees have arrived Greece.