Our Impact

Imagine a Refugee Camp

.... where women are safer
.... where women can provide for their children with income they have earned
.... where women have a voice at the community meetings 
.... where all residents of the camp have access to transportation to take them to doctors, dentists, legal meetings, and food markets. This in turn opens up opportunities for each of them

Our Impact

24  women employed since 2017. On average, there are 5 people in each household. Approximately 120 people positively impacted by the income

9  women consistently employed in a Greek refugee camp

3  buses per week, 120 seats each week. Total number of buses until end of February 2018 = 208. Over 8,000 residents have traveled to Athens

6  businesses in the refugee camp due to the shopping and facilities in Athens. These businesses give the whole camp access to small market, juice and coffee cafe, restaurant, and small general store. 

Skill training  in sewing, weaving, and product development allowed the women to create cushions covers, placemats, and table/hallway runners

Employed  a camp coordinator to manage bookkeeping for camp activities, bus logistics, and product materials 

3,200  number of products made

3,000  number of products sold