Love Welcomes x Dirty Girls of Lesvos

We have joined forces with Dirty Girls to sell these bags made by refugees on the Island of Lesvos. Please see our blog on Dirty Girls. We have been partners for many years as they clean the beaches and we use the lifejackets and other materials that they find and wash.

Love Welcomes Keyring – Blue


Remember, you are loved.
Just four little words. It’s what we tell all the women when they start work with us.
So the women in the workshop crocheted this heart keyring for you, to remind you that you too, are loved. And that you are helping to change the world.
Her world.

This is the perfect gift for any occasion or to keep as a reminder to yourself, you are loved.

Comes with gift packaging that reads “Remember, you are loved” so you can remind that special someone how special they really are.

  • Approximately 3″ x 2.75″ / 8cm x 7cm
  • Handmade in Greece by women in refugee camps
  • All materials are laundered to factory quality
  • Every purchase directly supports refugees
  • One metal key ring attachment/cotton/polyester stuffing

Please allow 7-10 days for shipment to the United States.

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The Dirty Girls Story

Dirty Girls was initiated in 2015, so that good quality wet and dirty clothing discarded by thousands of people fleeing war and terror, arriving by sea on the island of Lesvos, would not be trashed.

Dirty Girls uses huge capacity machines, washing to hospital standards.

Now about 60,000 people live in sub standard camps all over Greece. The borders to other countries are closed so they are trapped.

Washing their blankets and sleeping bags is necessary for comfort, health and dignity. Without Dirty Girls washing them, they would be trashed and replaced.

Dirty Girls uses three huge commercial laundries in Lesvos, Athens and Northern Greece.

Dirty Girls operations are funded by donors from all over the world: people with a common compassion for other people who have become refugees, and a concern for our shared environment.

So far, Dirty Girls has saved over 1200 tons of material from landfill.